Euthanasia – And the Decrease of Physicians?

I posted this a short while ago.  I realized after posting that I miss the most important piece – That the great physician, Jesus, came to heal our brokenness, including that of physicians who have lost their way, thinking killing is better than caring.


Compared to several years ago, Physicians seem to be losing their position of respect.  Doctors used to be the main source of guidance  looked to  whenever someone was sick.  Now, more and more, other practitioners are taking their place.   It is becoming more common to speak of medical doctors negatively.   Doctors seem to be losing ground in their battle with governments over financial renumeration and benefits.

The following observation prompted thoughts for this post.  Proposed federal tax changes in Canada, are said to threaten the retirement plans of thousands of doctors.   One tax consultant firm suggests the “proposed tax changes could create a 73% effective tax rate on earnings from investments held inside professional corporations.”  The Ontario government has, in the recent past, unilaterally decreased payments to physicians.  And the burden of paperwork continues increasing without additional renumeration.

The title of this post suggests this decreased respect of  medical doctors may be linked to their involvement in euthanasia.  As a physician, my sense is that the majority of us are, at least, passively in agreement with our society’s plan to actively kill patients.  If there are a large number not in agreement, most of them are not voicing it.   We should not be overly surprised by this.  our provincial medical organizations for a number of years have been in agreement with killing by abortions.  Why would they not also agree with other killing as well?   This is not to say there are not physicians taking an active stand against both euthanasia and abortion, but the percentage doing so is relatively small.  I  suspect many physicians are uncomfortable with euthanasia and abortion but, when “push come to shove,”  many will, at a minimum, refer patients to doctors who will perform these killings.

The Bible is clear.  For us to take up the task of killing people, whether in the early months of life or the later years of life (or even in the middle) is wrong.  The ending of life is not for us to take into our own hands.  The timing of life is the Lord’s   It is also clear.  The Lord will not forever ignore those who stand in opposition  to Him.  Eventually, there will be destruction for those who continue to ignore Him.  In the days of Noah, God said He would send a flood to destroy all mankind from the world.  Ultimately, all who ignored God were destroyed by this flood.  Warnings came to many nations in the days of the prophets.  All nations who ignored God and His way have ceased to exist.  The Roman empire, an empire known for its killing of people has ceased to exist.

Is it possible the decreased respect of medical doctors in society is related to the Lord taking away blessing as a result of the physician-community not standing up for the sanctity of human life?  As we stand in opposition to the Lord  God and His direction to care for people rather than kill them, should we expect to do be respected and treated well?

To what extent are those physicians among us, who claim to follow God, doing any better? Are we doing what the Lord desires us to do to uphold the sanctity of human life and to stand up against the killing the pre-born?

For those who are not physicians, should we expect our society to continue to flourish, as we continue further down the the path of killing rather than that of taking care of every person from conception until natural death?

Is the decline of organizations like the medical profession in society a warning, calling us to return to the ways of the Lord?   In the days of Noah, God sent His warning for 120  years while He had Noah build a very large boat in the presence of the people.  All who took this warning seriously and entered the safety of this ark before God shut the door were saved from destruction.  In the days of the prophets, God warned nation after nation of coming destruction.   When the city of Assyria was warned through the prophet, Jonah, of coming destruction and they repented and cried out to the Lord God, He relented of the promised destruction.  The ark and the Old Testament Bible prophesies points to Jesus.  Ultimately, through Jesus making us right with God, and Jesus giving us what we need to turn from the way of death to the way of life, the destruction we deserve can be avoided.

Oh, that we would be able to avoid the downfall of euthanasia and repent of our love of death and follow the great physician, Jesus Christ the Way, the Truth and the Life.


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