I believe – A change of Life, A most comforting Eulogy

“A change of Life.”  This  most fitting title came with the Email sent by Holly’s husband, Jeff, at the time of Holly’s passing.

On Wednesday, September 16, 2015, the Lord summoned Holly Overduin from her earthly house to the eternal home He had prepared for her. She left this life confident in the goodness of God, shown to her in Christ Jesus. (from her obituary)

I am compelled again to post about my daughter Holly.  The topic of my blog is intended to be on  World View and Ethical Issues from a Biblical Perspective.  … Read the rest

Palliative Care – The Last Struggle’s Testimony

Our daughter, Holly, has gone to be with the Lord.

Sitting at the bedside of a loved one during their last hours on this earth is often a very difficult experience.  That your love one will no longer be present in this life is hard enough, but one often has to face, even with the use of calming/sedating medication, their loved one’s struggle.  Often there is a struggle with breathing,  like they are holding onto life for all it is worth.… Read the rest

I Believe – Viewing all through the eyes of Saving Faith

Those who have read my most recent posts will understand why I still find myself reflecting on life in the context of my daughter Holly,  who in the Lord God’s wisdom is still here in this life with us, although physically it appears her time here on earth is short.  The Lord is sovereign and all things are, in ways that are beyond our understanding, in the grasp of His fatherly hand.  When it is good for all involved, who love Him, He will receive her spirit into His presence to wait the resurrection of her, body, renewed with no more sickness. … Read the rest

I Believe – True Faith, Comfort in the Shadow of Death

In my last blog posting titled I Believe – God’s Goodness Shining in Sadness I shared about my daughter’s cancer and said I would try to post an update soon.

Humanly speaking, when a loved one’s illness moves from hope of recovery, to hope for at least some quality time, to that of end stage palliative care, what does one say?  What title does one use on a blog posting?  Can one still talk of God’s goodness?   As of this week, my daughter is end stage palliative with brain cancer. … Read the rest