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IVF – Babies’ Hostile Beginnings

Compare the natural way of procreation to In Vitro Fertilization’s way of reproduction.

In the natural process of having babies a husband loves his wife, the wife submits to the advances of her husband and they share an intimate sexual union that results in the conception of a loved child in the supportive environment of the mothers fallopian tube and then in her womb.  This child is with the mother from the very beginning, nurtured by the mother’s very life blood.… Read the rest

IVF – be informed

IFV, or In Vitro Fertilization, is thought by many to be a source of great hope.  Many of us desire to have children.  Too often this does not happen easily or when we want it to.  So, you are in your mid-thirties and have been trying to have children for over a year.  Your doctor sends you to a fertility specialist.  A number of tests are done and no specific cause is found.  It is determined that you understand the process of achieving a pregnancy, a process you and your spouse have faithfully adhered to. … Read the rest