Alternative Medicine – and the Supernatural

Before moving on and looking at what kind of evidence demonstrates that a particular therapy really does something, it is important to consider the supernatural.  According to the Bible, some things, including healing, can happen by supernatural means.

By the supernatural, I am referring to things that happen independent of the normal physical laws of nature.  Biblically, supernatural happenings are due to the involvement of the spirit world.

Considering the supernatural is important because there are some alternative therapies like “Therapeutic Touch, Reiki, reflexology, Deepa Chopra’s Aryvedic medicine, Larry Dossey’s healing words and many others”1 with non-Christian spiritual beliefs underlying them.  … Read the rest

How Are Breathing & Soul Connected? – Genesis 2:7

For the harvesting of vital organs from bodies that appear to be alive to be considered acceptable, it becomes important to be able to define a person as dead while their body is still “alive.”  Taking of vital organs, necessarily, results in the death of the body. To harvest vital organs before a person is dead is not acceptable within biblical Christianity, since the Bible contains commands against killing. See blog posting Vital Organ Donation – The Most Important Question.… Read the rest

Alternative Medicine – Placebo Effect

In my blog posting, titled Alternative Medicine – Important Questions,  I commented on how alternative therapies are becoming increasingly common. All therapies can be divided into three groups, those that are beneficial, those that really do nothing, other than costing time and money, and those that cause harm. With respect to seeking out advice on alternative therapies I ask the questions, “Is the advice good?” and “How do we decide?”  Then in my blog posting, titled Alternative Medicine – Testimonials Natural History and Secondary Gain, recognizing many seek out evidence a therapy may work before embracing it, I looked at testimonials. … Read the rest