Organ Donation / Transplantation

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IFV – Organ Donation – Asking Difficult Questions

Vital Organ Donation – The Most Important Question

Organ Donation – An Understandable Desire

What If You Did Not Know? – a posting that tries to consider how to deal with these sensitive questions compassionately.

The definition of personhood, or how we define a person, is important when considering organ donation

Personhood – What is it?

Personhood – The Most Important Question Today

Personhood and Organ Donation

Personhood -What Do Organ Donation & Abortion Have In Common?

Personhood – Permissible Killing?

Personhood – Which Comes First, Death of the Body or Departure of Soul?

Personhood – And the Assisting of Dying

More on Organ Donation

A Dead Man With the Blood Of a Live Man.

Life, Dying and Death

Organ Donation – Does No Brain Stem Function = Dead?

Organ Donation – Second Thoughts About Body Parts

Are Brain Dead Really Dead?

How Are Breathing & Soul Connected? – Genesis 2:7

Organ Donation – Are Christians Inconsistent?

Organ Donation – Is it like laying down one’s life for a friend?

Footnoted essays I have written about organ donation

Book – Questioning Medical Technologies: Organ Donation & IVF

1998 Speech on Organ Donation

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