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Palliative Care – To Feed or Not To Feed?

Near the end of life it is common be told not to worry about feeding and even to stop feeding, suggesting it  will only  prolong their life.   Although I do not advocate feeding near the end of life in all circumstances, I propose stopping feeding because feeding will prolong life is not in keeping with a Christian world view.  Why do I say this?

Length of life, according to the Bible, is determined by God.  The Lord God gives us life, sustains life and takes away life.  … Read the rest

Organ Donation – Does No Brain Stem Function = Dead?

I have already Commented on the question, Are those who fail to pass brain stem function tests really dead?  (read blog entry Organ-donation – Are Brain Dead Really Dead?)  In this entry I would like to consider another approach to the claim that those who are brain dead are really dead.

The argument accepts the biblical view that when a person is dead then the neurologic (brain), circulatory (heart), and respiratory (Lungs) systems are each dead.

In order to maintain the biblical requirement for death, the argument goes something like this. … Read the rest

Organ Donation – Are Brain Dead Really Dead?

In the blog entry titled, Vital Organ Donation – The Most Important Question, I proposed the following “most important question.”

The question:  Is it possible for a person to be dead while their body is still alive?

The answer one gives to this question depends on what one believes is the make-up of a living person.  The true answer to this question comes only from a true understanding of what it is to be a living person.  From a biblical perspective, with death of a person, the body goes to the dust and the soul goes to wait to be reunited with the body to face judgment at the last day. … Read the rest