Health – Smoking, Is It Such a Big Deal?

The following is an essay I wrote that is published in the Spring, 2016 issue of The Youth Messenger, a publication of the Free Reformed Churches of North America.  Reprinted here with permission.

Is It Such A Big Deal?

A comment on smoking in the Youth Messenger on the topic of health is not that surprising.  It is common knowledge that smoking is bad for your health.  A good message is to avoid it, but it is not that simple. … Read the rest

Organ Donation – Is it like laying down one’s life for a friend?

Before you read this:  I understand, for some, the conclusions drawn in this post may be difficult.   It may be helpful to first read the follow blog posting — What IF You Did Not Know?

Organ transplantation has quite an appeal.  A child dying from congenital heart disease receives a “new” heart.  A mother receives a “new” liver after hers is damaged by a pregnancy related blood clot.  Yet, there are concerns about the retrieval of vital organs.  Vital organs must be taken from living bodies that, as a result, die. … Read the rest