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My Beliefs – an attempt to describe something of the  shape, depth and foundation of my beliefs about life.

How to Define What You Believe – One’s belief about life (also referred to as one’s worldview) involves three inter-related areas that can be used to explore what one believes and to see if one’s beliefs address life in a consistent and satisfactory way.

Faith That Saves – as we contemplate life and death great emphasis is put on faith as though faith is the most important thing. What is faith? Can faith itself save us? (this attempt to describe saving faith is incomplete)

The following postings speak of my beliefs in the context of my 26 year old daughter dying of cancer

God’s Goodness Shining in Sadness – a true story of prayer answered by the Lord.  Seeing the Lord at work in small blessing gives Increased hope that God is also answering prayer and doing good in the big things like Holly’s cancer.

True Faith, Comfort in the Shadow of Death – includes a description of saving faith, how it is we can know that our daughter, Holly, as this faith and how you too can have this saving faith.  Knowing that one has saving faith is a great comfort, especially when face with death.

Viewing All Through the Eyes of Saving Faith – tells of a priceless moment that God gave me in light of our daughters great trial.  Saving Faith lets us see God’s words of truth pictured in wonderful ways in His creation.

Palliative Care – The Last Struggle’s Testimony – speaks of the struggle to hold onto life in one’s last moments, its testimony that we were created not to die but to live, that we can not really take another person’s struggle, that each of us has to walk through our own struggle, and that we do not have to do it alone.  Jesus Christ is able to walk through it with us, within us.

A change of Life, A most comforting Eulogy – through the path of serious illness, dying and death we invited to “taste and see that the Lord is good.”

Taste and See the Lord is Good – the path to drinking of the word of the Lord God and tasting of His goodness.

End of Life:  Biblical Grief? – Some thoughts about about grief.

More postings that speak of my beliefs.

Comfort in Life and Death – The Heidelberg Catechism, as a summary of Christian belief, deals with comfort in both life and in death.  Since issues of life and death are a significant part of the discussion considering organ donation, IVF and euthanasia, this summary promises to have something significant to say.

I Believe – Psalm 111 – another way to learn something about my beliefs about life is to read some of what I have written about the Bible. This post includes a link to my comments related to Psalm 111.

Personhood – Image of God – The Christian worldview holds that God, with the creation of mankind, gives mankind special intrinsic value that is extended to every human being.

IVF – And the Image of God – considers what the Bible teaches about mankind being the image of God and how the process of IVF may disregard this image.

Comment on the Doctrine of Body and Soul -and essay commenting on what the Bible says about connection of body and soul

Biblical Commentaries and Meditations – various essays – commentaries and meditations on passages in the Bible


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