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Euthanasia is also known as “Assisted Death” and “Medical Assistance In Dying (MAID)

Euthanasia – Definition – Human
Some thoughts on the definition of euthanasia

Assisted Death – Why Involve Doctors?
This post considers he reason for trying to force doctors, especially those who believe they should not kill, into involving themselves in killing patients.

Assisted Death – Is It Really Such A Big Deal?
This post considers the question, “are we with Assisted Death crossing a sacred line?”  Have we not already cross the sacred line of State sanctioned killing …?

Assisted Death – Normalizing Killing In Palliative Care
The term Medical Assistance in Dying is now used for medical killing. Traditionally, palliative care provides assistance to the dying, intended not to shorten life, but rather to provide comfort and relief from distress.   Now, the assistance of doctors and even nurses in palliative care is being redefined to include actively ending (killing) their patients lives.

Palliative Care in a Culture of Death – Some Thoughts.
It is hard as we care for those who are suffering, especially toward the end of their life.  As we do, let us embrace life, not death.  Death came into God’s good creation as a consequence of sin.  Death is not a good thing that we should celebrate and embrace.

Assisted Death – Conscience Rights, Bystanders & Responsibility
As we fight for conscience rights, let us consider to what extent we use conscience rights to continue to practice as we see fit, rather than challenge the issues that face us.

Euthanasia – And The Desire To Live Forever
About How our desire to use medical means to take control of our lives can play into assisted death.

The definition of personhood, or how we define a person, is important when considering euthanasia

Personhood – What is it?
When we want…to take rights and responsibilities away from certain people, we can attempt to show it is right to do so by denying their personhood.

Personhood – The Most Important Question Today
How we define a person’s value determines our acceptance of medical killing, in all its forms.

Personhood – Permissible Killing?
This posting advances the argument against killing of unresponsive dying persons.

Personhood – And the Assisting of Dying
This post explores how body and soul define a person, rather then the function of the brain giving intrinsic worth which speaks against killing when life seems to become worthless.


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