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So far, I hope that my blog postings on alternative medicine have encouraged Christians to ask good questions and seek out information, like the strength of the evidence supporting therapies that are being considered or used.  It is likely that some readers feel like they need to learn about a specific therapy as soon as possible.  As indicated in my blog posting titled Alternative Medicine – Foundations Are Important, it may be a while before I get to specific therapies.  … Read the rest

Alternative Medicine – Foundations Are Important

Since starting to post on alternative medicines, someone has asked me to comment on acupuncture.  Of course, I have thoughts about acupuncture but I believe it is better to work at building a foundation for thinking about “alternative medicines.”  I hope with a foundation of thought that people can ask good questions and seek out true answers and will be better able to make good decisions when faced with involvement with the variety of therapies (traditional western and alternative) they  will likely be faced with in life..… Read the rest

Alternative Medicine – Testimonials, Natural History and Secondary Gain

In my blog posting, entitled, Alternative Medicine – Important Questions,  I commented on the fact that many therapies, alternative to those of traditional Western medicine, are becoming common place and that many of these therapies are based on belief systems quite different from that of Christianity. I raised the question, when seeking out advice about these therapies, “Is the advice good?” and “How do we decide?”

One way to consider various alternative therapies is to consider whether the therapy really does what it claims to do.… Read the rest