Alternative Medicine – Foundations Are Important

Since starting to post on alternative medicines, someone has asked me to comment on acupuncture.  Of course, I have thoughts about acupuncture but I believe it is better to work at building a foundation for thinking about “alternative medicines.”  I hope with a foundation of thought that people can ask good questions and seek out true answers and will be better able to make good decisions when faced with involvement with the variety of therapies (traditional western and alternative) they  will likely be faced with in life..

I may comment about specific therapies but I hope this is done in conjunctions with considering ideas and questions that can promote a healthy consideration of whether a therapy is good to be involved in or not.

Knowing the facts and asking good questions is not just important with “Alternative therapies.” It is important with all therapies, even those of conventional Western medicine. Hopefully, the foundations of thought developed are helpful no matter what kind of therapy one is entering into.

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