Science Supports Biblical Marriage

The science of preeclampsia, a serious life threatening medical condition of pregnancy, supports the idea of Biblical marriage.[1]

Preeclampsia is a type of pregnancy induced hypertension (high blood pressure) that can quickly lead to organ damage in the mother, and even death of the baby and/or mother.

A number of studies show that pregnancies in women who have had longer periods of exposure to the baby’s father’s sperm, before getting pregnant, are less likely to develop preeclampsia, compared to women who get pregnant in a short term relationships.… Read the rest

Posted accidentally – Purpose and Severe Disability

I accidentally published a post titled, “Purpose and Severe Disability” this morning before I was finished writing it.

I apologize for the inconvenience.

If you happen to have read it and want to make comments you can comment on this post.  Your comments will not be published unless agreeable with you.  If so, they will be included  when I finally publish the finished post.… Read the rest