Personhood – What is it?

Why do I talk about personhood? Personhood has come to be part of the discussion of organ donation, abortion, and euthanasia. Why?

A basic definition of personhood is the state of being a person. This is important because we place special value, along with moral and legal rights and responsibilities, upon persons. So, when we want to attribute rights and responsibilities to certain people, or we want to take rights and responsibilities away from certain people, we can, in our arguments, attempt to show it is right to do so by attributing, or by not attributing, personhood to them.… Read the rest

Introduction To My Site

Thank you for visiting. I am interested in the ethics of things like IVF, Organ Donation, Euthanasia, etc.. I am particularly interested in encouraging Christians to ask the important questions and seek out biblically sound answers.

Futher comment on my qualifications to address these topics in incuded in My Bio. (click on it to view).

Some, people, especially those who have walked in the shoes of those who have been involved in things like IVF and Organ Donation, may find some of what I write difficult to read. … Read the rest

My Beliefs – First Attempt

This is the first attempt on my blog at describing my beliefs about life

My beliefs about life are Christian.  By Christian, I mean, that my beliefs are based on the Holy Bible, that is traditionally used by the Christian church.

One’s beliefs about life or one’s view of reality can be described in terms of three questions which are: What is the nature of reality? What is the nature of knowledge? And what is the nature of morality or right and wrong?… Read the rest

What If You Did Not Know?

What if you are a Christian, who desires to live according to the Word of God, the Bible, and you find out that the path that you have walked or the way you walked the path, such as the path of IVF or Vital Organ Donation, turns out to not be supported by the Word of God?  What if someone, you know and love, has been unable to get pregnant and has been told that IVF is her most likely way to have a child? … Read the rest