Abortion – The Simple Truth

The case against abortion is actually quite simple: Human beings have human rights. Human rights can only logically begin when the human being begins. Science tells us that a living, unique, whole human being begins at fertilization. Thus, abortion is an act of violence that ends the life of a developing human being. (Quote from Jonathon Van Maren’s book, The Culture War) [1]

All arguments for abortion simply attempt to dismantle this truth.

  1.  They claim the pre-born are not yet human beings.  Of course they do not say this, as it is obvious  pre-born humans are human beings.  Instead replacing “human being” with the term “person.” they claim some human beings are not yet persons.
  2. They claim the parents’ right to be comfortable trumps the pre-born’s right to protection and life.  Of course they do not say this, as placing their comfort over life is so obviously selfish.  Instead, they focus solely on the parents rights, ignoring those of the pre-born, or their focus claims the right to life and protection of the mother trumps that of the pre-born.

In the life and death battle to protect the pre-born, our task is, in a way, simple.  Allow the truth, including the simple truth stated above, to take root in our hearts.  Share the truth.  Then, where the truth is challenged, go beyond simply declaring the truth and explain why the truth and violence of abortion to end pregnancy cannot be justified except in extremely rare situations.[2]

We, of course cannot change  people’s minds.  The truth contains the power to impact people and lead them to change their minds, as ultimately the truth comes from the LORD God, the foundation of truth, and the Creator of the heavens and the earth.  The Word of God, the truth, claims to be living and powerful and…able to impact the mind.(Hebrews 4:12)

To prepare for battle, we need to do the work of understanding the truth about the pre-born, their parents, and each  of their rights to life and protection from being killed.  We also need to consider the claims of those who support abortion and understand how they are designed to dismantle the simple truth of abortion, so that we are not misled by these claims.   Often, some rendition of one of the two approaches mentioned above is used to dismantle the truth. 

We should go even further and look for opportunities to share the truth with those who will listen.  Often this does not mean directly confronting those opposed to pre-born person’s rights, although it may.  It means seeking to engage those of our family, friends, co-workers, and others who have not yet stopped to really consider the simple truth of abortion.  If all of us do this, the outcry against the killing of the unborn should significantly increase.

Before leaving you to prepare for battle, we should consider one more tactic used to promote abortion, which challenges the uncomfortable truth of abortion with the uncomfortable topic of pregnancy resulting from rape or incest, saying, “You certainly would not force a women pregnant by rape or incest to follow through with the pregnancy, would you?  This approach is intended to silence you and steer the conversation away from the simple truth of abortion.  This purpose for introducing these rare and extreme cases can be pointed out and the conversation steered back.  You can offer to consider such topics at another time.

(In reality the rape argument pits a women’s right to protection from pregnancy by rape against the pre-born’s right to life and protection from being killed.  Unfortunately, abortion cannot take a way the fact of the pregnancy.  It can never become a pregnancy that has not happened.  Abortion cannot restore the woman’s right and is a complete violation of the pre-born’s right to protection and life.)

Now prepare for the battle.  Consider these questions.

  • Are you convinced human beings are fully human from conception, and should thus be afforded the human right of protection and life?
  • Are you prepared to provide a simple outline of the beginning of human life and the similarities between early human life and later human life?
  • Are you prepared to address what rights are actually being supported and denied in various abortion arguments?  And to point out that the Lord God is the giver and taker of life and has instructed us not to take the life of another human being.
  • Are you prepared to address the inconsistencies in choosing a time when a human being become human enough (or becomes enough like one’s definition of a person) to make it wrong to kill it.
  • Can you identify arguments designed to try to turn conversation away from the uncomfortable truth of abortion?
  • Are you praying that the truth will free people from abortion?
  • Are you praying for opportunities and words to share the simple truth of abortion?

I hope these thoughts are helpful.  I strongly recommend is Jonathon Van Maren’s book The Culture War as a source to help you in the battle against abortion and a number of other equally challenging issues we face today.


[1] Jonathon Van Maren, The Culture War, Life Cycle Books, 2016, p201.

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[2] An example of an extremely rare situation where taking the life of the pre-born baby could be justified would be when the mother is bleeding so profusely from her uterus that the only way to save the life of the mother includes ending the life of her pre-born baby.  Notice, in this situation, the life of the mother is balanced against the likely loss of life of both the mother and the baby.  (if the pre-born baby was developed enough to live on its own, then an attemot to protect the lives of both the mother and the baby could be made.)


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