IVF – Possible Where Abortion Accepted

To date In Vitro Fertilization involves the destruction of tiny human beings.  Conception (the joining of the egg and the sperm) occurs in a glass dish.  For each successful pregnancy, many conceived human lives are lost along the way.  This means that for a doctors to become involved in IVF that they need to live with their involvement in the destruction of early tiny humans.

How is it possible for a doctors to arrive at the point where they would be willing to involve themselves in such destruction of tiny human beings?  Do some of us not even see the need to ask this question?  We know how it is possible.  Do we not live in a broken sinful world?  Is there not a similarity in approach to human life in the IVF doctor and the approach to human life in the abortionist?  Do they not both, somehow, see some early human beings as having low enough value that their destruction is justifiable?  Dr. W.H. Velema, a medical ethicist in the Netherlands, gives this sobering summary,

“The development of IVF finds its ground of justification in a liberal view of abortion.  This should make us stop and think seriously.  The increasingly technological approach to procreation, which naturally required tests with human embryos, has been set in motion by the acceptance of the right to induced abortion.  One can also say, “Liberalization of abortion is the price that man had to pay for this way of procreation.”

Should we be concerned that for IVF to develop and thrive, society first needed to accept abortion as justifiable?.


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