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Thank you for visiting. I am interested in the ethics of things like IVF, Organ Donation, Euthanasia, etc.. I am particularly interested in encouraging Christians to ask the important questions and seek out biblically sound answers.

Futher comment on my qualifications to address these topics in incuded in My Bio. (click on it to view).

Some, people, especially those who have walked in the shoes of those who have been involved in things like IVF and Organ Donation, may find some of what I write difficult to read.  I encourage you to read the blog entry titled What If You Did Not Know?.

I hope you find my site useful.

There are many other “Greg Kenyon’s” on the web.  You can check my Bio.  I do not tweet.

Below this entry are my recent entries.  Generally the most recent are at the top.

Using the menu at the top, the entries can be viewed topically.

Some blog entries may be modified from time to time, not so much to change the content but to improve clarity and to correct mistakes in grammar and spelling that I find.

Feel free to comment on what I write or ask questions.  If you prefer that your comment or question not be posted, state this and it will not be posted for others to view and if I post a similar question I will not identify you.



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