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What If You Did Not Know?

What if you are a Christian, who desires to live according to the Word of God, the Bible, and you find out that the path that you have walked or the way you walked the path, such as the path of IVF or Vital Organ Donation, turns out to not be supported by the Word of God?  What if someone, you know and love, has been unable to get pregnant and has been told that IVF is her most likely way to have a child? … Read the rest

IVF – Organ Donation – Asking Difficult Questions

With issues like In Vitro Fertilization, vital organ transplantation, and genetic manipulation,  it is tempting to focus on the outcome, of a beautiful healthy baby, of a child revived to life or of avoiding having a child with life long illness.  In spite of questions about the technology, the Lord has certainly answered much prayer.  The Lord, the author of life, is one who gives life to a beautiful baby.  The Lord, in whom we live and have our being, certainly, is the one who sustains the life of our child.  … Read the rest

Personhood – The Most Important Question Today

Why write on personhood?  When thinking on personhood, I am considering what it is to be a person.  How do we defined a person?

Is a person an integrated body-soul or is a person, in some way, separate from the body they inhabit?  This, I believe, is a very important question when considering considering issues like, organ donation, In Vitro Fertilization, abortion and euthanasia.

For vital organs to be harvested for donation, they must be alive.  Living organs are only found in living bodies. … Read the rest

Vital Organ Donation – The Most Important Question

The question:  Is it possible for a person to be dead while their body is still alive?

Why should we ask this question?

Organ donation is a good thing is it not?  Before we decide, we should be aware of what happens with organ donation.

For now, I will limit the discussion to donation of vital organs. By vital organs, I mean organs that a person cannot do without. For organs to be useful for transplantation, they need to be alive.… Read the rest