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Organ Donation – A Dead Man With the Blood Of a Live Man.

The Blood of the Living – The Blood of the Dead.

If we accept that it is wrong to kill a person to harvest organs, then a person must be considered dead for organ harvesting to proceed.  But, for organs to be useful blood must be circulating through the organs pretty well right up until organ harvesting begins.

In the Bible there is a distinction between the blood of someone who is alive and the blood of a dead man.   Revelation 16:3 reads,

And the second angel poured out his vial upon the sea; and it became as the blood of a dead man (Revelation 16:3a, NKJV) read more

Personhood and Organ Donation

In the blog titled Personhood-the-most-important-question-today I raised the question with respect to Vital Organ Donation, “Does vital organ procurement result in the death of the person?  Or is the person somehow separate from the body, such that the person can be dead and the body still alive?”

In blogs titled Personhood-What Is It? and Personhood-Image of God, I said that persons are specially created by God.  Persons are the image of God.  Persons are united body and soul.  A persons special status begins at conception and continues until death, at which time the body returns to the dust and the soul goes to God. read more

IVF – Babies’ Hostile Beginnings

Compare the natural way of procreation to In Vitro Fertilization’s way of reproduction.

In the natural process of having babies a husband loves his wife, the wife submits to the advances of her husband and they share an intimate sexual union that results in the conception of a loved child in the supportive environment of the mothers fallopian tube and then in her womb.  This child is with the mother from the very beginning, nurtured by the mother’s very life blood.

In IVF the wife submits to another person, often another man, doing everything that he says she must to, allowing him to put his sterile instruments into her body to take out her eggs.  The husband no longer initiates but does what the other person tells him to do and masturbates his sperm into a container.  This too is given to the other person, the one who takes control of the making of the child.  The child is made in a glass container along with many siblings in a hostile chemical soup (I say hostile because most of the child’s siblings will begin life, to die shortly after or even to be discarded and die, or to be suspended frozen in liquid nitrogen.)  The child is selected and put into the wife’s womb by the other person a number of days later. read more