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I Believe – A Confession, A Clarification

I am compelled to comment on my recent blog posting, Assisted Death – Conscience Rights, Bystanders & Responsibility.

In this post, I began by suggesting there was a similarity between the Holocaust of WWII, the killing of unborn by abortion, and now the killing of sick and suffering.  I also quoted Martin Luther as an example of following one’s conscience, in spite of great risk of personal harm.[1]  Although, I think Martin Luther’s stand against the organized church of his day had merit, I think my choice of examples was poor. read more

Palliative Care – The Last Struggle’s Testimony

Our daughter, Holly, has gone to be with the Lord.

Sitting at the bedside of a loved one during their last hours on this earth is often a very difficult experience.  That your love one will no longer be present in this life is hard enough, but one often has to face, even with the use of calming/sedating medication, their loved one’s struggle.  Often there is a struggle with breathing,  like they are holding onto life for all it is worth. Those watching say to their loved one, “Its OK to go” and even pray that the Lord take them soon, trusting that they will then be at peace.  Why is such struggle so common even among those who have a certain hope in eternal life with the Lord God, who loves them? Why such struggle? read more

I Believe – True Faith, Comfort in the Shadow of Death

In my last blog posting titled I Believe – God’s Goodness Shining in Sadness I shared about my daughter’s cancer and said I would try to post an update soon.

Humanly speaking, when a loved one’s illness moves from hope of recovery, to hope for at least some quality time, to that of end stage palliative care, what does one say?  What title does one use on a blog posting?  Can one still talk of God’s goodness?   As of this week, my daughter is end stage palliative with brain cancer.  There is no more plan for chemo therapy.  Her time with us in this world is likely weeks to a few months. read more

I Believe – God’s Goodness Shining in Sadness.

This post is a bit different than many of my posts as in it I share some personal details of my life.  All my posts are personal in that I write what I believe to be true.  I hope this experience helps you see the goodness of God shining through difficult and sad circumstances.

One year ago, our daughter, Holly, was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Holly is the mother of our young grandchild and is married to Jeff.  Initially, there was hope and prayer and surgery.  Our hope for a benign tumor was answered with a malignant tumor but the surgery did leave Holly unchanged.  Then there was radiation and hope, prayer and chemotherapy.  Our hope for control, suppression, and even a cure was answered this past month with a recurrence of the cancer. This time it was on the other side of her brain. Soon after there were some changes in her behaviour.  Chemo was changed but hope of cure is greatly diminished and Holly will never, in this life, be back to her former glory without a dramatic miracle, as seen the the gospels when Christ walked, in the flesh, on this earth.  Yes, we believe that God can do such miracles and continue to take these thoughts and requests to Him in prayer. But we realize that it is right to prepare to accept an answer like the answer Paul received when he cried out three time for God to remove the “thorn” in his flesh and the Lord said, “My grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in weakness.” (2 Corinthians 12:9) read more