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I Believe – A Confession, A Clarification

I am compelled to comment on my recent blog posting, Assisted Death – Conscience Rights, Bystanders & Responsibility.

In this post, I began by suggesting there was a similarity between the Holocaust of WWII, the killing of unborn by abortion, and now the killing of sick and suffering.  I also quoted Martin Luther as an example of following one’s conscience, in spite of great risk of personal harm.[1]  Although, I think Martin Luther’s stand against the organized church of his day had merit, I think my choice of examples was poor. read more

End of Life – Biblical Grief?

The experience of my daughter, Holly, dying recently has led me to think more about grief,  Many well meaning people suggest that grieving is something needs to take place, to be allowed to run its course, and in some way we should not be to concerned or worried about redirecting it.  Is this true?  Can grief go wrong?  As I observe the grieving of my family,  I find myself asking, are they OK?  Do they need help?  What direction should be given?  For me, I hope and pray that through the process my family draw nearer to God.  How can we encourage those who grieve to draw near to God? read more

I Believe – Taste and See the Lord is Good

In the post titled A change of Life, A most comforting Eulogy I shared how our daughter, Holly, in the death of her earthly body, has been given the opportunity to say, “taste and see that the Lord is good.” (Psalm 38:4)  I hope it left you with a desire to say this as well.

I promised to follow with a short post on how to begin to taste and see that the Lord is good.  This I found was not an easy task.  I tried to describe the path laid out in the Bible, supported with text and verse.  It may have been theologically correct but rather than tasting good is seemed more like sawdust.  So, what do I say?  In spite of the sadness, Holly seemed to keep her sights on the goodness of God.  Holly encouraged us to accept the path that the Lord had for her.  She hoped for a long time with Jeff and Mateo but she also said, early on in her illness, that the Lord does not make mistakes.   During this time, the word of God played a vital role in preparing the table before us.  The author to the Hebrews says,  “the Word of God is living and powerful” and that it understands what is going on in our hearts. (Hebrews 4:12-13)  If I allow myself time to read it, it is like the Lord knows my thoughts and is speaking directly to me.  Sometimes the words are comforting like a “still small voice” saying, “I will never leave you or forsake you.”  At others times the words are cutting like “a sharp two edged sword.”  They mold and shape like the hands of a potter molding and shaping a lump of clay, shoring us up when It feels like we are going to fall apart.  The words show us “the path of life,” where”at the Lord’s right hand there are pleasures forever more.”  When we think that we have something great to say, the words punch us down and humble our pride.   Yet, those who persist with God’s word, do experience God in a living and powerful way that gives one a taste of His goodness. read more

I believe – A change of Life, A most comforting Eulogy

“A change of Life.”  This  most fitting title came with the Email sent by Holly’s husband, Jeff, at the time of Holly’s passing.

On Wednesday, September 16, 2015, the Lord summoned Holly Overduin from her earthly house to the eternal home He had prepared for her. She left this life confident in the goodness of God, shown to her in Christ Jesus. (from her obituary)

I am compelled again to post about my daughter Holly.  The topic of my blog is intended to be on  World View and Ethical Issues from a Biblical Perspective.   Holly’s illness and passing  from life to live has given opportunity to contemplate severe illness, dying and death from a Biblical perspective.  How are we to think about life?  How are we to think about death?  How are we to think a bout God in the midst of such struggle?  In my post about Holly, I hope that I have begun to answer these questions from a Biblical perspective.  You can find these posts at  <I Believe>. read more