IVF – Complications & Birth Defects

Prior to 2012 whether IVF was associated with a higher incident of birth defects was controversial.  In 2012,  a study was released demonstrating there is indeed a higher incidence of birth defects reported in children born by IVF compared to those born by natural conception.  In 2016 another study has been published coming to the same conclusion.  Now those who promote IVF, instead of questioning its association with birth defects, focus on the relatively low incidence of defects.


Below is an excerpt on this issue from the IVF chapter in my book, questioning medical technologies.… Read the rest


IVF – be informed

IFV, or In Vitro Fertilization, is thought by many to be a source of great hope.  Many of us desire to have children.  Too often this does not happen easily or when we want it to.  So, you are in your mid-thirties and have been trying to have children for over a year.  Your doctor sends you to a fertility specialist.  A number of tests are done and no specific cause is found.  It is determined that you understand the process of achieving a pregnancy, a process you and your spouse have faithfully adhered to. … Read the rest


How to Define What You Believe

What a person believes about life (also referred to as a person’s worldview) involves three inter-related areas.  These three things are always part of any system of belief.  Beginning with these questions will not necessarily lead to the right answers.

First, is what is the nature of reality.  Philosophers call this metaphysics.  “Meta” means “beyond” and physics means “nature.”  Metaphysics refers to what is beyond the physical.  It deals with questions like, What is it to exist?  What is the nature of man? … Read the rest