Get Vaccinated or Lose Your Job:


Get vaccinated or lose your job. Many are sitting on the brink of this “cliff.” Actually, today due to my not being vaccinated I lost the privilege of caring for residents in one nursing home. This is not an easy position to be in, but for those who, in truth, believe the Word of the Lord when He says, “I will never leave you or forsake you….Do not let your hearts be troubled…..I take care of the sparrows, will I not take care of you….I will work all things out for your good, even this,” there is no reason to be afraid. I believe I am not afraid. Not because losing my job is not a real possibility, but because I do believe God cares for believers, of whom I am one.

A note is in order. To rightly not be afraid, one needs to have a clear conscience before the Lord God. One must ask, “would the Lord have me to be vaccinated?” If one stubbornly holds out “just because,” then there may be reason to be afraid. The Bible does not say, you must be or you must not be vaccinated. Still one’s decision should be based on the Word of God, with a willingness to listen to the Lord and to be corrected. As of today, the Lord’s instruction to me regarding getting a COVID vaccine is “wait.”

I am not an “antivaxxer.” I think vaccinations play an important role in our mandate to care for one another and for the world. For some reason the primary concern I have about these COVID vaccines does not seem to enter the minds of many others. The Lord has blessed me or burdened me with a mind that needs to know why I believe what I believe, about God, about Jesus, about faith, worship, and the church. I need to know the details about medical illnesses, about medications, and pretty well everything else I am expected to accept as good. To accept the goodness of mRNA vaccines I need to know details. I cannot accept something just because someone claims to know and says I should. I need to know the details showing why I should accept these vaccines.

I have studied how mRNA COVID vaccines work and some details about how they are made. The science is amazing. If these vaccines turn out to be safe in the long term, it will markedly change the face of vaccine production.

My study gives rise to questions about the long term safety of these vaccines. This technology has never before been used for large scale vaccination. No long term research establishes their safety. What I have learned about the science of these vaccines raises some important questions. How long do these synthetic mRNA molecules last in our bodies? How long they continued to produce the associated spike protein? Does it matter? The answers to these questions may have long term safety implications. This posting is not primarily about these questions. I will leave that to another blog posting. This posting has to do with the resulting feeling of isolation among both medical colleagues and fellow followers of Jesus Christ.

Recently, I received a copy of a letter signed by pretty much every other primary care physician across two counties, espousing the need for and safety of these vaccines. In my local hospital all but about three doctors have been vaccinated and many join in promoting the need for and the safety of these vaccines. None of these colleagues seem to be asking the same questions as me. On the internet, although many express concern, I have not found others seeking answers to my reasonable questions. It “boggles” my mind that so few seem to share the same concerns as me. Thus, I feel like a tiny island.[1]

Am I crazy? Should I take the apparent fact that I stand largely alone as an indicator that I am wrong and abandon my concerns? Jesus says in John 8:32, “the truth will set you free.” Jesus says that you will know the truth “if you abide in My Word.” We may be quick to think these saying of Jesus do not apply to the details of COVID vaccines. But the implication of the passage is that those who are in the Word will see the truth: thus suggesting that those who are not in the Word are at risk of believing falsehood. Telling only half the truth, if the whole truth leads to a different conclusion, is actually falsehood rather than truth. When I evaluate my concerns compared to the sea of comments and opinions around me, I am compelled not to abandon my concerns, as they arise out of a quest for truth. Many of the conclusions of others seem to be based on “half of the truth.”

It is easy to demonstrate that many of the comments, case numbers, and situations used to support the use of these mRNA vaccines, although based on real numbers are only part of the picture and tell only “half of the truth.” Are half truths used because the whole truth is less likely to convince people to believe we need mRNA vaccines to save us? How can a sea of medical people accept this? Is it because few other doctors seem to abide in Christ, let alone speak of Him or His Word? Could it be that Christ, the source of all truth, leaves them blind to the truth, leaving them to believe, as truth, what is not truth?

Yes, in my local sea of medical service providers, I feel like a tiny island. Yet, this is not the source of my greatest distress. I do find comfort in the Words of the true Saviour of the world, Jesus Christ, that the truth will set me free. So why do I still have heaviness of heart? Not only do I feel like an Island in the medical sea, I also feel like an island among those who believe in the Lord Jesus Christ.

I do not fit into the common groups. I do not think vaccines in general should be avoided by Christians. My concern is not based on thinking these vaccines are part of some conspiracy, or a violation of religions rights. Also, due to my concerns, I am not able to promote these vaccines as a Christian’s responsibility to protect others. I have not been given the freedom of conscience to simply promote these vaccines “trusting God” to take care of us. As well as not fitting into these groups, there seems to be a growing animosity between the vaccinated and un-vaccinated. This is the source of my greatest distress, especially given that the Lord desires us to truly support one another at all times, even when we do not see things in exactly the same way. [2]

I can imagine some saying, “Why are you so stubborn? Just get the vaccine. Would it not be better to swallow your pride, take the vaccine, and continue to be an influence in the nursing home?” This admonition would be warranted if I am driven by pride and stubbornness. I can be proud and stubborn. Yet, I do not think this is the primary problem. I believe my concern is for truth. To just get the vaccine in spite of my concerns will in some way be accepting as true what is not true. It is the truth that Jesus says, will set you free. Ultimately, Jesus, the truth, will save us, not vaccines.

It may appear I am saying the truth will prevent you from getting COVID. I cannot say this. The Bible does not teach that belief in Jesus will prevent the hardships of this life, including those associated with illnesses like COVID. Neither will placing our hope in medical treatments, doctors or world leaders ultimately save us from the losses and destruction we fear. Jesus ultimately can save from the distress resulting from animosity and broken relationships associated with our differences of opinion over COVID and Vaccines. Jesus teaches His followers saying, “do not fear those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. But rather fear Him who is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.” (Matthew 10:28). If Jesus is able to do this, He is also able to save us. C.T. Studd summarized the teaching of Jesus in a poem saying, “Only one life ‘till soon be past only what is done for Christ will last.” Ultimately, it is Jesus who can work this in us (Philippians 2:13) and give those who believe on Him everlasting life. (John 3:16). Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved. (Acts 16:31) Through Jesus may “the Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make His face shine upon you, and be gracious to you; the Lord life up His countenance upon you, and give you peace. (Numbers 6:24-26)


  1. I realize I am not alone in not being able to be vaccinated. I am aware of a minority of nurses, PSWs and other support staff whose jobs are also threatened. This blog is not about being alone under the threat to lose ones job. It is about feeling alone in my reason for not being vaccinated. [return]
  2. I acknowledge the concern about the use of fetal cells. Fetal cells should not be used in the production or development of vaccines or other medical treatments. My post is not about this issue. The Lord willing I may be able to tackle this topic in another post. [return]


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  1. Have mRNA vaccines not been used before? Is the process of manufacturing and how they act in the body different than other vaccines?

    1. I have not found any evidence of any approved vaccines or any other experimental vaccines in using mRNA technology other than a recently approved Ebola virus vaccine. I have not reviewed the process of manufacturing. I have reviewed how they are believed to act in the body. The mechanism of action is different than all other vaccines we have produced thus far except for a relatively recently approved vaccine for Ebola virus.

      As mentioned above, what I have learned about the science of these vaccines (how they act) raises some important questions…and…the answers to these questions may have long term safety implications. I also said that this posting is not primarily about these questions. I will leave that to another blog posting. That posting is in my mind. Time permitting and the Lord willing I will try to post something something on this.

      Also, mRNA technology has been used therapeutically over the past 10 years to induce a person’s immune system to attach certain cancer cells. Some authors call these cancer treatments vaccines. So depending on definitions some will say mRNA vaccines are not new. The technology is new when it comes to using it for preventing infections. Preventing infection is a different “kettle of fish” than treating cancer.

      1. Thank you for answering my question. I know this post was not really about the science.
        I can only imagine how you feel in your field when I’m only outside the medics world and my island seems to be getting smaller and smaller all the time.

        1. Your response leads me to contemplate what is science? Is this post about science? Consulting a number of internet definitions of science comes up with the following:
          Science is a systematic study of the structure and behaviour of the natural world to gain knowledge and in turn apply the use of the knowledge gained.
          Implied in this definition is an essential need for truth and honesty. If one is dishonest then the term systematic cannot properly be applied. I suppose one can be systematically dishonest but this would have more to do with trying to manipulate an outcome, rather than study it. Not all study leads to true knowledge but the truth inherently must be the goal. If we we build on an observation which is not true, the result is not likely to be true.

          According to the Bible, Jesus is the way the truth and the life. Jesus is truth. God is the foundation of all truth. He created the natural world and all of the laws which govern it. As I mentioned in the post, the truth will set us free. Many seem to look to science to set them free. The case of these vaccines is science at work. Many hope these vaccines will set us free from this COVID crisis. If vaccine science is founded on the truth and it seeks discover and uphold truth, then it is reasonable to expect them to play a role in setting us free. BUT if the way we recommend and use these vaccines is based on only half of the truth, we should not be surprised if they fail to free us and possibly even make things worse. If we say. Get vaccinated they are safe, when we cannot know if it is true that they are safe in the long term then…

          After contemplating these things, I think my post is about the very foundation of science. I hope it is an encouragement for people to carefully seek out the truth and to make decisions going forward based on truth. If we do less than this, we do not have any reason to expect to find freedom. For God’s promise is that the truth will set us free.

          Suzanne, your original questions in response to my post, in that you asked them wanting to better understand the truth are good questions. As mentioned, in time I hope to begin to try to answer them in more detail, the Lord willing.

    1. To understand “half truth” I will share some examples.

      1. When telling us things about COVD I suspect the numbers we are told are true. To understand the significance of numbers we need to know their context or comparison. One report I read said COVID 19 had killed millions of people worldwide. When I looked this up on the internet, it was reported 4.6 million people had died. So, it is true millions have died. Considering the world’s population which is 7.9 billion, this is only 0.058% of the world population. These death have occurred over 1.7 years, giving an annual death rate from COVID of 0.034%. This is smaller than the usual annual death rate from lower respiratory tract infections which is 0.04%. The numeric size of COVID deaths in the world is not all that large in comparison. To report million of deaths sounds scary-terrible. But, when compared to all the other problems that ravage the world, COVID is not all that large. When we compare COVID to the Spanish flu in 2018, with an estimate of 500 million cases, 50 million deaths with 27% of the world population infected and 2.7% of the world population died, COVID is a drop drop in the bucket. So, the “real number” of “killing millions of people world wide (actually less than 5 million) is more scary as a “half truth” than it is when put in the perspective of the “whole truth.” (As a side line, when mentioning world deaths, based on 2019 World Health Organization numbers, there are 55 million induced abortions in the world annually.)

      2. 2. Another example is the telling of daily COVID deaths. In Mar 2020 when they were talking about death numbers, my mind asked, “how many people normally die per day in Canada. Depending on whether I used Stats Canada or the World Health Organization I found that 650 to 800 people normally die per day in Canada. At the peak of the first wave of COVID the average deaths per day [attributed to COVID] in Canada were 176. For the rest of the first wave, the average daily death were less than this. Thus, the daily deaths were significantly less than the normal number of daily deaths in Canada. At that time, I also looked up the number of people who normally die in Canada of acute respiratory illness and found between 20 and 30 per day. In the past 4 months the number of people dying with a diagnosis of COVID in Canada were significantly less than this. Looking simply a true death numbers from COVID can be scary. When compared to normal daily death numbers for Canada the numbers are not as impressive. Thus whole picture is less impressive than when presented with only half of the picture.

      3. I will try to provide a few more examples, time permitting.

      [] – words added later as my comment could be misunderstood without them as pointed out in comments below.

      1. “At the peak of the first wave of COVID, the average deaths per day were 176.” I’m assuming those were the ones attributable to COVID; otherwise, it greatly improved the situation rather than worsening it.
        If at the worst, 30 persons die of an URI daily, 176 seems rather significant to me!
        I would wager that the death toll has dropped precipitously the last 4 months in a good part due to the high vaccine uptake in Canada. It certainly hasn’t in places where there are a large percentage of vaccine refusers.

        1. Marcia, thank you for your response and entering into conversation on these important issues.

          In response I first want to say I am not against vaccinations. And I have not come across any data to allow me to take an absolute stand against the current mRNA vaccinations. Nor do I have data that allows me to claim these vaccines are toxic. I have not studied the toxicity question in any detail and and am not in a position to comment about such claims, other than that I suspect there are a number of “half truths” used by some of the anti-vaxer camp to support their claims as well. Having not spent much time investigating their claims, I am not prepared to support their use of “half truths.” Thus I said “I suspect.”

          Even though these vaccines are experimental, I believe there is a place for them to be used in the management of the COVID19 crisis. I wil say more on this after addressing your comments.

          Your conclusion that the situation has been “greatly improved” is based on the record of 176 deaths per day at peak and of 30 deaths on average per day per day normally. This may sound like a dramatic and large difference when the numbers are looked at “out of context.” When numbers are part of a population, in order to understand their significance, the sized of the population needs to be taken into account. These death numbers refer to all of Canada. There are 37 million people in Canada. 176 deaths represents 176/37,000,000 x100% or 0.00048% of the Canadian population. 30 deaths is 0.00008%. Both of these numbers in the large picture of Canada are very small. The difference between this two numbers is 0.0004 which is also very small. To make any claims about what is most likely to have accomplished this tiny change is unlikely to be supported by true scientific enquiry and is thus, at best, speculation. Using evidence like this to support nation wide interventions is another example of “half truth.”

          Another thing you have done to support your claim is use dramatic words which the numbers, in reality, do not support. Going from 176 deaths down to 30 deaths, if indeed such small numbers (0.0000048 and 0.0000008 a fractions of Canada’s population) are true representations of reality, there appears to be an improvement. To say “greatly improved” and “dropped precipitately” given the small size of the numbers is an exaggeration not supported statistically. Using these kinds of words to exaggerate the significance of questionably significant numbers is another example of a “half truth.”

          You are also supporting your claim with the statement, “It [A drop in deaths] certainly hasn’t in places where there are a large percentage of vaccine refusers.” It would be interesting to look at the details of the places you are referring to. I have looked at the nation Israel over the past month. At the time I looked, it was the third most vaccinated country in the world. Its forth wave, based on the graph google provides when typing in “Israel Covid Cases,” shows as many cases in an unexpected forth wave as the third wave, which occured before they had any vaccine on board. Based on typing into google “Israel Covid Deaths,” the forth wave had less deaths then the previous third wave but a similar number to their second wave. An article I found reported 667 COVID deaths from Aug 10 to Sept 18, 2021. 277 were not vaccinated. 307 were double vaccinated. 83 were tripple vaccinated. I do not present this as a statement of the benefit or non-benefit of vaccines as the numbers are too small to know. I present it as an interesting observation in light of your concluding statement.

          Using real, thus true, numbers which, on their own, do not tell the full story, is what I am calling a “half truth.” Statements based on such “half truths” may well be true but they could just as well be false.

          You are willing to wager that vaccines play a “good part” in a drop in deaths. This is an interesting and understandable hypothesis. Since you have presented no data that statistically supports your claim. The best we can call it is a hypothesis. There are other plausible explanations. In 2002 there was the SARS outbreak, also from a coronavirus. It was also a scary killer. Within about a year we did not hear about it any more. There were no vaccines and no special treatments. I believe the virus mutated, as coronavirus are known to do, and the resulting viruses caused less sever illness. The same thing happened in 2012 with MERS, also a scary coronavirus infection that never really made it to Canada. Within about a year it also settled down. The virus causing the original COVID19 has, as coronaviruses do, continued to mutate. It seems reasonable to expect the resulting viruses to cause less severe disease, like happened with SARS and MERS. I suspect vaccines have played a role in reducing deaths but it is also possible a significant reason for less deaths is that the virus is causing less death because it has changed. I believe I can present some reasonably compelling data to support this hypothesis, but I have written a lot already. Maybe another day.

          I said I would say more about how I think these mRNA vaccines should be used. But it is getting late. Maybe another time.

          This afternoon the sermon at church happened to be titled, God is Truth. One question asked in the sermon was “are we pursuing truth will all of our being and all of our efforts.” Let us do our best to understand the truth of what what the numbers mean and strive to support decisions based on truth in situations like this COVID19 crisis.


    In my comments above some may feel like I am suggesting the COVID illness and related deaths are insignificant. Although some numbers have to little statistical significance to prove what some claim they prove, the COVID illness is not insignificant.

    For those who have had a bad case of COVID19, as one person close to me has, I can assure you this infection is real and significant. For those who have suffered serious complications or have developed a prolonged illness or had loved ones die, this infection is real and significant.

    A “knee jerk reaction” is that we should do everything possible to prevent these infections and deaths.

    Also significant are many of peripheral problems to this infection, such as increases in depression, anxiety and suicide, the delay in other important medical tests and treatments, resulting in increased problems and even deaths.

    And now there are people who have not had the freedom of conscience, or are too anxiousness to get vaccinated who are now losing their jobs and all that entails.

    And there are those who have had bad complications to the vaccines.

    Putting all this together, some interventions thought to save lives may cause problems and even deaths on par with what are “being saved.”

    Let us tread carefully.

  3. I’m not sure you understood what I meant by “greatly improved.” It was somewhat facetious, in that, if the daily deaths in Canada dropped from 650+ to 176, that was a huge improvement. But I don’t think that’s what you intended to mean.

    If the average goes from 30 to 176, that’s nearly a six-fold increase. To me, that sounds dramatic – no spin or superlatives needed.

    I’m American, and follow the stats there closely. There are no places where vaccine uptake was minimal that have done well. The converse is likewise true.

    You’ve mentioned suicide, as an peripheral problem in the pandemic. Using the same math as you do with COVID, I think it’s a write-off. After all, only some 6200 persons took their life in Canada last year. (Don’t misunderstand my meaning here: I think every suicide is a tragedy which should be avoided if possible.) We just have to be very careful in choosing our denominator!

    I appreciate that you made clear in your comments that you believe COVID is a significant illness.

    1. You are correct I misread your comment with its “superlative” “greatly improved.” And thank you for pointing out that a couple of words are needed in my origingal comment to avoid being miss understood.

      I agree an increase from 30 to 176, a six-fold increase seems dramatic and when looked at in isolation of the whole picture, one can understand using dramatic language “like precipitous drop.” Those interested in understanding true scientifice significance should not be sataified with dramatic language when there is a 6 fold change in a very small number. I pointed out the true smallness of the numbers in my comments above. When one takes a very small number and increases it by, an even even more dramatic increase , of 100 fold, the out come is still very small. Thus “dramatic” is an exaggeration. Such exaggerations can sway the minds of people who are use to making decisions base on “sound bites.” Thus it behooves the scientists and decision makers to be careful to include the whole picture, as much as possible, to allow people to make truly informed decisions.

      You commented again on your perception that there is a significant difference in the situation where vaccine uptake is large as opposed to minimal. Again you presented no data supporting your claim. As I said before, “It would be interesting to look at the details of the places you are referring to.”

  4. You are far from alone. You are correct when you stand for your principles. Thank-you. There are far too many that listened only to the narrative available on tel a vision. The programing is working and has worked for decades. I will not attempt to defend all the information I believe to be true or partially true. That is the process of tribunals and folks who know how to find and piece together the facts and lose the fiction. However so much info is available to research even with the censorship now occurring.
    What is the process of science. We are told that science is conclusive. That is not science. It’s a process. If it was conclusive we would still be doing blood letting and lobotamies.
    I think we are in a war. A war of information and control of people. I will leave you with a question. Does the mrna cause humans to be transhuman and thus patentable. There are more questions but that will do.

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