Palliative Care – Prolonging Life – Hastening Death?

One of the tenants of the Biblical Christian faith is that God is in control, that nothing happens by chance, that God has our days numbered. God is in control of the day of our death.1  What effect does this way of thinking have on the approach to palliative care? What effect should it have?

Palliative care refers to the approach to a person who needs care and it is believed that they are approaching the end of their life on this earth. A Palliative care approach is considered appropriate when there is nothing further that can be reasonably done to encourage healing and to halt the dying process, like when a person has a cancer that is rapidly progressing in spite of anti cancer treatments. A palliative approach may also be used in the advanced years of life when a person’s health is rapidly failing and one does not see the sense in seeking out more tests and treatments. read more